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Gamasutra: Triple-A Games for Women? Seriously?

Obnoxious title aside, this is an interesting interview about a female-founded company that aims to “make triple-A games for women.”

A few of the points in there made me frown (of all the examples…Twilight!?), and someone left a good comment about how “women’s games” shouldn’t need to involve playing with kids. Still, I hope Transform Entertainment is a success - I mean, at least they’re trying! I want it to be a step in the right direction. I’ll try to ignore the god-awful logo.

What I really want to hear, eventually, is “triple-A games BY women.” Let those games draw what audience they will. The desire to ‘tap that market’ is there, clearly; it’s the approach that I think is flawed. With the huge majority of game developers being male it’s no surprise that the hardcore player base has a similar male-to-female ratio. Diversify the perspectives involved in MAKING the games and I think the audience will follow.

/End rant.

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    I support Brandii Grace’s ambitions but goddamn Gamasutra, that was some downtalking, demeaning interviewing....
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    The next time I go into Gamestop and someone directs me to Cooking Mama or The Sims (no shade but really lol?) or asks...
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    "What I really want to hear, eventually, is “triple-A games BY women.” YES! I’m so sick of being told what I like to...
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